We are Triangle Print Communications, and ‘Communications’ isn’t just for namesake. Our Prints actually communicate! Our Prints are full of life and lnk is their blood! They speak on behalf of your business, and they do a great job! Our creative Print ideas, designs and branding become the voice of your business!


So, how do we add life to our work? Well our experience in the field has undergone coction for over two decades, and that alone serves as a testimonial ! Besides, the three vertices of our ‘Triangle’ stand for Innovation, Quality and Speed! These three attributes help us bring finesse into the Art that Printing is!

We get rid of the box!

At Triangle Print Communications, we have Think-tanks that perpetually flow out creative ideas which can give a better outlook to your Business. If you asked us what our core area of strength was, it would be our ability to improvise a concept in real time, and come up with an end product that is bound to enthrall your potential customer! While the convention is to think outside the box, we get rid of the box altogether!

It’s our habit

The world is only getting exponentially faster, and we understand time is a luxury you don’t wish to afford! Once we are done extracting all the information about your requirements, we discuss with you about every detail like quantity, paper material, size and so on. Once the plan is laid out, our team immediately gets to work mode, and your order will be produced in quick time without compromising on the quality. Speedy delivery is another thing we are renown for. Are you on a moving train? We will still deliver it. We have done it earlier too!

It defines everything!

In the Printing Industry, Quality is the most important factor, and we have a practical learning of the fact. Once the idea is processed, it all comes down to the quality of the output, and we stand second to none in ensuring the outcome has quintessential finishing! Let’s just put it this way; Quality is on longer a regulation for us, it has become our habit! We assemble State-of-the-art technology and high precision equipment’s with our Innovation, and come out with immaculate products that will bring all the attention your business deserves!

Our Clients


  • Visiting Cards

  • T-shirt

  • Stationery

  • Standee

  • Pharmacy Packaging

  • Packaging

  • Office Space

  • Mug Printing

  • Marketing Materials

  • Events

  • Corporate Gifts

  • Canopy

  • Calendar

  • Box

  • Bags

  • Badge